Angela Castle has been writing ever since she learned to read. She spends a lot of time living in the fantasy worlds of her imagination. Fortunately for her, she has a wonderful husband and kids who bring her back to Earth when necessary. When she is not writing and creating the wonderful worlds in her stories, she's a cleaner, mother, wife, cook, nappy changer, nurse, teacher, waitress, gardener, handy person, and the all important darner of socks.

Stealing Fire has everything you could ever want in a fantasy romance! I absolutely LOVED it! Ms. Castle does a fantastic job of incorporating all of the elements this reader loves in a romance novel: fantasy, aliens, supernatural bad guys, and characters that have a wonderful humanness to them. The wizard Tuthal ended up being one of my favorite secondary characters simply because of his willingness to realize he had made a mistake in his youth. It made him easy to relate to. In truth though, and this is another plus for this novel, all of the characters are easy to relate to. I also loved the chivalry of the Kell men when it came to human women. They simply cannot understand men or a society that abuses women and does not treat them as the treasures they are. I really liked that. Also, Ms. Castle has a real talent for incorporating realistic secondary characters into the story line, and I really enjoyed getting to know a bit about all the other players in the world of Kell. I am definitely looking forward to reading the first book in this series, Blue Fire, and any succeeding books in the future. Please keep them coming Ms. Castle, I for one will be buying!

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