32029186.jpg“Stars weigh in on how to shed those unwanted pounds”.  Gag.  Spit.  Gag again.  *looks at sagging boobs and protruding belly – wondering if there’s an old trucker hidden in there somewhere*.  PUHLEASE!!!!!!!  Save me from these headlines!  How I hate walking through a checkout and seeing those skinny bodies that have been airbrushed, tucked, fixed, and God knows – trained into looking like that.

I have two kids.  I know what they do to your body.  I know the stretch marks that can invade every crease that you knew they would – and those you never thought would stretch. I swear my chin grew an inch each child from pushing alone!  Not to mention other areas that used to be the size of a quarter and now my husband gets lost inside!

However, I see these stories about how stars “struggled” to lose weight.  Okay, so they struggled while they had personal trainers, nutritionists, housekeepers to do the cleaning, and nannys to raise their kids.  That’s STRUGGLE?  Tell me, oh stars that shine, how does the AVERAGE person who doesn’t make a million dollars a sneeze do it?  Where do we get the money to go to a gym?  Or to buy the perfect food??  Sad as it is, healthy food is so much more expensive than unhealthy food!  I can buy three bags of chips for the price of a 5lb bag of apples!  And they’re easier to eat!  Lazy, yes.  Realistic?  Maybe.  You decide.

But doesn’t it make you want to cringe when you see these stars who gained lots of weight while pregnant, suddenly slim and not a mark on them?  You can’t tell me that not one celebrity gets stretch marks!  Or that their breasts don’t join forces with the valley below to make friends. 

Perhaps you’ll think I’m just one of those people who didn’t try.  Well, you’re wrong.  I sweated, did sit ups, tried to eat the right food, but it’s difficult when you have children running over you, a husband who is off working and can’t do the housework – and when you’re hungry, you dont’ have a chef to whip you up something healthy.  I have to grab whatever I can while a baby is sucking my breast and I haven’t slept in months. 

I had to get my two cents in.  Now I’m going back to my chips and dip.  I’m long past caring about my body, but to see these people make it look so easy when young girls are impressionable makes me steam!  Pass the chocolate!


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