How do you all deal with stress at work?  Do you often stare at the back of someone’s head and wonder what it would be like to drug their coffee so they’ll sleep for the day?  Flatten their tires in the morning so they can’t get to work in the first place?

What about your boss?  Do you have a boss that makes your body tense up when he/she walks in the room?  How much control are we supposed to have?  Sure I’ve read those ‘how to deal with stress at work’ articles.  But none of them tell me how I can get rid of these people and not get caught.  No one can explain how to sneak into the bathroom and have a co-worker accidentally drown in the toilet.

Too violent, you think?  Perhaps.  But what about the ones who harrass you and you can report them?  Why can’t we have annoying harrassment along with sexual harrassment.  To have someone be held accountable for non stop talking or weird animal noises they make while working.

Perhaps I need to take a step back and look at the big picture.  Do I really care what these people think of me?  Hell, no.  Do I really need their approval to get through my day?  Again, hell no.  So why do they bother me?  Because I can’t do anything about them.  I’m trapped like a mouse in a cage with a cat – bars between us, but the cat can still swing its paw at me and taunt me.  Yes, I like my idea about drowning them in the toilet.

Ideas, anyone?  Have a good one and be thankful you don’t work with me!

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