717982.jpgHey, I wanted to feel a part of it all.  I often wish I could play an instrument, but the most I can do is step on a cat’s tail and listen to it squeal.  No, I don’t really step on its tail…though there is a cat who keeps messing up my garden who is going to have a shocking spray of water should he/she (it!) come near my roses again.

Once again, I’m off topic.  I will ask you something I’ve asked other authors who have been brave enough to venture into my world.  How important are the reviews for you?  Do you wait with anticipation to see what professionals (or perhaps unprofessionals…either way they’re readers) have to say?  Does it bother you if they don’t like your book?  And would you rather read a review, or have someone come up to you on the street to say how much they’ve enjoyed your book? 

Have you ever come to a point where you’re disillusioned with your writing?  The battles of promotion perhaps too hard?  Or have you always been able to keep on trucking?  I’m nosey, but inquiring minds want to know!  Oh, and thanks for the excerpts…I’m wanting to read more!  Feel free to share snippets of reviews as well. 

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