Hey guys! I’m sooo sorry I’ve been so delayed in getting back to you! I’m stuck in Denver, missed my flight home by one minute, and finally, finally am settled into a hotel. I still probably won’t get home until tomorrow evening. Grrrr…  But I just have to grin and bear it and go on. It’s part of my life, I guess, since I travel a lot for my day job.

Bonnie, you have been such a great hostess! I love your questions. 🙂 And so glad that Claire is still haunting you. She still haunts me! I don’t want to give anything away, but she has been telling me a lot lately that she wants another book again. This will be tricky but I have some ideas.

What’s up next for me? The next project is a short contemporary rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. It is for Resplendence’s Wicked line that will launch this winter. My version of Little Red Riding Hood is titled GARNET: A Seduction Tale. The setting is New Orleans and Louisiana bayou country, the heroine a NYC exec (who fled the bayou country as a young adult) and a Cajun werewolf. And as the title suggests, this will be a true tale of seduction…. 

After that, I’ll be working on the third book in the Blackbeard series. Book two, THE CULT, comes out this next winter. This is the story of Jack and Claire’s daughter Victoria. Time travel is still prominent as well as paranormal elements. Watch for more information soon to hit the Resplendence website.

I have a couple of other works-in-progress that I’ve not contracted as of yet. They’ve been sitting on the back burner while I finish up my contracted books. One is a romantic suspense/thriller and the other a long contemporary  story with a Lakota hero. I’m hoping to find homes for them in the coming months. I need to finish both of them! My day job takes me to work on a number of American Indian reservations so naturally, that would carry over into my writing. I’m hoping to have a series of Native books in the future.

Wowk, it’s late already and I’m fading fast. Bonnie, thanks so much for the invite and allowing me to just runneth over on your blog. 🙂 I’ve had great fun and hope I’ve made a few friends! Feel free to stop by my website, blog or myspace to say hello!





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