An unforgettable tale of first love and self discovery.

A summer that can change it all, when two teens will discover the intensity of their feelings and how to cope with life’s adversities. How to create memories, unforgettable moments, and how true love can face distances, challenges and time.


What people are saying about Many Kinds of Unforgettable: This is a very clean story, appropriate for mature middle schoolers though adults like me who enjoy YA fiction because it is so full of the charm of love instead of the salacious details of sexual experiences. Love, not sex is the focus. It also deals with the challenges that people with serious childhood illnesses, like juvenile diabetes must work with and overcome. This is a darling, unforgettable love story by a talented emerging writer.” (Martha Bryce, Amazon Reviewer)

 “I am rating this book 4 out of 4 stars. This was a wonderful book and I couldn’t put it down. I had read the previous book in this series and have done a review on that one also. It was a delight to meet up with some of the characters again […] The characters in this book were delightful and well fleshed out. You could really feel the close bond between Anna and Will. […] It is classified as young adult but even as a senior citizen I enjoyed it. I am hoping there are more books to this series because I want to read them all.” (official review)

 The Blurb:

Anna Oshiro Morning-Goodwin and William Butler grew up together. Ever since they met, at the tender age of 5, they have been inseparable.

Now at 15, their friendship is blossoming into something deeper; something that makes them both excited and scared.

Life, however, plays its tricks. William’s father wants to return to Ireland, and Anna receives some disturbing news from her godmother and doctor. Decided not to let their last summer together be ruined by her health problems, she never tells William, and faces her fight alone.

The little time they still have together must be full of unforgettable moments that will last forever in their hearts, or at least until the day they meet again.

Anna and William have 3 months to create as many kinds of unforgettable as possible.

Many Kinds of Unforgettable is book 1.5 in the Myself in Blue Series. Even though it can be read as a standalone, this novella makes several references that can be spoilers if you haven’t read Myself in Blue, Book 1, beforehand. Therefore, it may be better to read the books in order.

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“We need some unforgettables.”


“We need some unforgettables.”


“Yeah, moments like these. Moments that we could never forget, that will get stuck into our memories, into our hearts, that will help us to keep on going during our time apart, and will last forever. Or at least until we meet again. We need unforgettables. Many unforgettables.”

He turns to me and starts speaking more excitedly, and I can’t help but being enthralled by his enthusiasm. This sounds like the best idea I’ve ever heard. “You know? We promise that from now on, until I have to go, we’ll create as many kinds of unforgettables as possible. We will make every minute count.”

“Every second will be unforgettable. We will have the best summer of our lives.”

“Oh, you bet, babe! We will have the most unforgettable summer in the whole world history of unforgettable summers. We will have so much to remember that we will get sick of each other.”

“That’s not possible.”

I look at him when I say this, seriously, piercing his eyes with mine. He holds my stare and I see that his eyes are moist too. This is as difficult for him as it is for me, and I wasn’t helping. But I will, from now forward, I will.

“I know, babe. I know.”

He then presses his lips against mine, and we keep trying to make each kiss better than the last, each one more unforgettable than the other.

“It will be like this.” He snaps his fingers in front of me. “I’ll be sixteen in December, you know. I’m older than you.”

“Only by a month. Actually, twenty-three days.”

“Well, it sounds like a year. I was born in 1994. You were still just a fetus, and I was already here, crying to the world.”

“I was almost crowning when you left the womb. Stop being so smug!”

“I was almost a Christmas present, what about you? You were just an end of winter package.”

I hit him playfully in the arm and then snuggle my face in his warm, comforting torso. “I’ll miss this.”

“Even this? Are you sure? I thought you’d love to stay away from my smuglyness.”

“Smuglyness? Is that even a word?”

“Well, smuglyness, smugness, it’s all the same.”

He chuckles, covers my mouth with his, and pulls me harder against his chest. We kiss for a solid minute. A gentle, delicate kiss, meant to show love and longing already, not passion. It’s a kiss that spells to us, and to anyone who sees it—if there is anyone seeing it, which I sure hope is not the case—that no distance will disconnect us. That our bond is stronger than everything. That we are so meant to be together that we can survive some stupid years apart. That he is my Douglas, and I’m his Iris, like Mama always says, talking about the great love that her parents share.

It’s a kiss I know I’ll remember forever.

It’s our very first unforgettable.


Find out more about Renata F. Barcelos and the Myself in Blue Series HERE.


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