Scorpio Begins by Lilith Darville

Scorpio Begins ~ your ideal companion to the Summer Lovin’ event.

Scorpio Begins – The Scorpio Saga Book One by Lilith Darville is a deeply erotic, BDSM romance, with plenty of spice thrown in to keep you even warmer on those hot balmy nights. Just lean back and immerse your senses in this deliciously sexy book.

The Blurb:

No strings… Only possibilities…

My name is Connor McClane, and if you haven’t guessed, I’m a Scorpio.

Few women have ever made an impression on me. Not one of them could live up to the sexual prowess of Meredith Kincaid, the woman who stole my virginity and taught me to be a man. Now, three years later, we meet again.

She wants me, but only on her terms. She has a secret. I want to keep it casual and am determined not to fall in love. Yet we draw together like the proverbial moth to a flame. So I am entangled in a web of sensual exploration and emotion that leads to a cataclysmic confrontation with the man who has vowed to own Meredith. Will I say yes to the possibilities?

Join Connor and Meredith for lots of steamy hot sex while we learn about the boy who will become the billionaire in this prequel of The Scorpio Saga.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes that will stimulate your sexual imagination, including dominance and submission, sex toys and bondage. Feed your fantasies!

Genre: Bondage & BDSM, Erotic Romance, Contemporary

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The Excerpt:

When the door opened, everything I wanted to say to Meredith, everything I’d rehearsed became two words.

“You’re back.”

A smile holding a hint of promise lit her face as if I’d left three minutes ago, not three years.

I’d been eighteen when we first met. She was twenty-one. She took my virginity. She taught me to be a man. Then … three years apart. The inevitable realities of the world had little consideration for such passion.

Summer found me delivering prescriptions to earn my tuition. I felt as if I’d stepped back in time as I stared at today’s pink delivery slip—same name, same place. Meredith Kincaid, Sandvine Estate. Could she really be back? Would she be there when I rang the bell?

Get a grip, Connor. She may not even care to remember that summer. She might not—

My finger hovered on the doorbell. Push it, you idiot. I closed my eyes and rang. When she opened the door, she spoke five words that changed everything, “I was waiting for you.”

The moment I saw her, longing shot through me, raw and searing, as if at last I’d found the cure for an itch I thought I had forgotten. I stepped inside and stared at Meredith as she snatched the bag, tossed it on a nearby table, and closed the door.

“My God, you are beautiful.” Desire licked through me like the touch of a match igniting a short fuse.

An inviting oasis for insatiable thirst, her sapphire-blue eyes, luminous in the afternoon light, shone with the reflection of anticipation.
Meredith pulled me into her arms. Her lips devoured mine as she ripped at my shirt in a fever of expectation. I smiled as I stepped from her embrace. I was no longer the awkward boy needing her to show me the way.

I took her hand and led her through the opulent estate. Everything looked the same as it had three years ago. Her bedroom door stood open. She yanked me into the room and tugged at my clothes. I put my hands on her shoulders to still her, even though my yearning was as urgent and savage as hers was.

“Slowly.” I caressed the side of her face and tucked a tendril of hair behind her ear. Our time apart had changed me, and I wanted her to know it.
“I want you now, Connor.” She clutched the back of my head, and pulled it toward hers.

“Shhh.” I held her at arm’s length. “Not another word.”

Meredith whimpered. Every fiber of her being trembled with impatience, and I smiled again. There was a time when the impatience had been mine.

I drew the contours of her face with my fingertips, delicately tracing the oval of her deep-blue eyes, the rounded tip of her nose, and the lushness of her full lips. When I stroked the back of her delicate ears, she moaned. Sensation shot straight through me at the sound. I inhaled deeply to still the fire threatening to consume me. Her dark hair cascaded down her back in waves, the rippling of a mountain waterfall. I took a handful, tipped her head, and brought her lips to mine.

I traced and retraced the outline of her lips with the tip of my tongue, eager to remember every contour of her exquisite mouth. Meredith’s tongue joined mine while I explored the inner folds of her lips, sending another jolt of electricity through my aching hardness. She pressed into me, but I held her wrists at her sides.

Her impatience displayed her longing. I pulled her hands behind her back and held them with one hand before sliding my lips along the length of her long neck. A wisp of her perfume made me stiffen, but I kept the reins on my control. Using my free hand, I untied the top string of her bikini. I gazed into her sparkling eyes—eyes that reminded me of mist rising over the mountains in the first light of dawn—measuring her response while I inched the top loose and tossed it to the floor.

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About Lilith Darville

I have been writing romance for as long as I can remember – I still have a copy of a love poem I wrote in my early teens to my first crush. When I grew up and had to make a living, I wrote articles for industry magazines, workbooks, manuals, textbooks, instructional materials and feature magazine articles. I even did a 2-year stint as a restaurant reviewer for a women’s magazine. In my spare time, I dabbled with erotic romance stories and a coming of age novel. In February of 2011, I started writing the Scorpio Saga and am now furiously scribbling the third in the series, “Scorpio Rising.”

I’ve been married for 20+ years to my beloved Bob, who still makes me blush and flush as if it were the first time. Now that’s romance! We spend every spare moment that I’m not writing reading, discussing, and researching what makes a long-term relationship passionate and romantic. Many of the greatest and enduring romances had unorthodox beginnings, and I want to tell those stories.

What else am I passionate about besides Bob and our daughter? They are my number one priority and my biggest fans, but I do find time to read, golf, sing, and chat with my readers on social media. Most of all, I hope that romance is with you all!

Find out more about Lilith Darville HERE

The Scorpio Saga

The Scorpio Saga by Lilith Darville

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