Today seemed like a great day to talk about super powers. Not only does my Guild of Truth series revolve around them, but today is the release of The Dark Knight Rises and though Batman doesn’t have any super human abilities, he’s still one of my favorite superheroes. In fact, there are plenty of superheroes that I adore, which is why it’s no surprise that I started writing my own super powered stories. Silent as the Grave is my first published work and also the first book in the Guild of Truth series. It focuses on Cali Crazar, a Silencer with the ability to manipulate sound, and Felix Del Valle, an Eraser who can make anything vanish with a wave of his hand. While these might not be the same super human strength or x-ray vision powers that most people are used to hearing about, I chose these abilities because they seemed so different. I wanted to explore different aspects of having supernatural gifts. I wanted to think outside the box.
So what would you do if you could manipulate sound? Don’t know? That’s exactly how Cali feels. She finds herself in a world she didn’t know existed, stuck with an ability she finds useless. But it’s anything but useless. Did you ever want to overhear a conversation in a loud room? Or sneak up on someone without making any noise? What about launching super-sonic sound waves that would blast through walls? Is sound manipulation ‘sounding’ a little better? Cali must learn to use and control her abilities, something that is a tad difficult to do when the charming and playful Felix is around causing her emotions to go haywire. But though Felix might come across as easy going, he has his own fears and hesitations when it comes to his powers. The power to make anything vanish sounds like it wouldn’t be too bad, but what happens when you can’t bring back what you Erase? Fear for losing control and losing that which he holds dear drives Felix to protect anything that is his, including Cali. Together they must learn to trust one another to overcome a power hungry millionaire that abuses his power to suck the very life energy out of other supernaturals to prolong his own.
So which are you? A Silencer? An Eraser? Or would you want eternal youth by stealing the energy from others and be a Diverter?
But why stop there? There are even more powers within the Guild of Truth. Read and find your favorite!


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