Beth Kery would like everyone to know that she puts her all into her books—every one. A hot, erotic read is a top priority for her, but so is rich characterization, an interesting plot with some good twists, and a compelling, emotionally fulfilling relationship between her hero and heroine. She loves romance, but the only stuff that used to be available was always…lacking, to say the least. Beth thinks women are a lot more complex in their sexuality and in what they find appealing in regard to romance than most of the population—including a lot of women—ever realized.

Sweet Restraint is such a mind-boggling book! Even with all the sensual and hot sex that was in this novel, the mystery surrounding Laura was so incredible that this book was just sensational. Sometimes you can read a book that tries to be both sexually charged and a thriller, but the sex just seems to get in the way of the plot. Even with the alpha male type that Shane is, Laura has this outstanding countenance and we get to see her as this alpha female, fighting for what she believes in. With this tale, you will have absolutely no problem enjoying both the sexual escapades and the mystery and suspense, which I might add will leave you guessing until the very end.

Caution: This tale contains BDSM, spanking, anal foreplay, and anal sex.

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