Pink Petal Books

  • Saving Sarah
  • Creating Chemistry   Lacey Thorn  
  • Sleeping with the Enemy’s Daughter  Marie Harte 




Ellora’s Cave

  • Learning Control           Ann Jacobs      BDSM
  • My Fishnet Fetish         Sahara Kelly     Contemporary  romance          
  • Dream Warriors           Aubrey Ross    Paranormal romance    
  • Perfect Formation         K.B. Alan         BDSM            


Wild Rose Press

  • Huntress of my Heart – Phyllis Campbell – English Tea Miniature Rose
  • Love, Lilies & The Unbroken Straw – Teri Wilson – Faery Rosebud
  • Winter Madness – Pamela S. Thibodeaux  – White Rosette




  • Pushing Fate     Janet Davies     ParanormalRomance    



Ellora’s Cave

  • Unchained Spell            Rachel Carrington         Fantasy romance         
  • Fill ‘er Up?       Tea Trelawny   Paranormal romance    
  • Kissing the Blarney Stone         Brigit Zahara     Contemporary romance           
  • Tempting Tori   N.J. Walters     Contemporary romance


Wild Rose Press

  • Circle of Love – Linda Swift – Last rose of Summer Rose
  • Honeysuckle – Elizabeth Butler – Vintage Rose
  • Those Baby Blues – Sheridon Smythe – Champagne Rose
  • Touch Of The Demon – Christina Phillips – Scarlet Rosette



eXtasy Books

  • Diura by A. J. Llewellyn
  • Angel’s Quest by Stephani Hecht
  • The Protector’s Keeper by Bonnie Rose Leigh
  • Hellfire by Aurora Jamison
  • Danish Vinegar by Stephani Schaffer
  • Villains and Allies – Reaper 2 by Amanda M. Holt




  • How to Ruin Easter by Dahlia Rose & Crymsyn Hart  
  • Restraint by Teresa Noelle Roberts  
  • Melting Point: Breaking the Mold by Nicole Gestalt  
  • Licks and Promises by M. Christian 



Pink Petal Books

  • Nadia Aidan  Balls to the Walls
  • SL Majors  Bad Boys, Bad Boys
  • Mia Watts Turquoise and Leather
  • Kim Dare  The Master’s Prize

 Y.A. Releases 3/10- Hunted by P.C. and Kristen Cast.

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