Beckett MacLeod’s young daughter sneaks away from home to search for the legendary Sword of MacLeod, Beckett is forced to leave his home world for the first time to search for his missing child. Plunged into a universe whose modern technology is foreign to him, he hires a tracker to locate his run-away daughter.

Raven accepts the assignment because she knows no mere child could elude her expert abilities for long. Wrong. As they follow the child’s trail, Raven and Beckett stumble into a maelstrom of trouble: laser battles, hostile alien worlds and of course, deadly space pirates. And worst of all?

In the midst of all the danger, Raven finds herself falling in love with Beckett. How can she consider loving a man who comes from such a technologically backwards world? They have nothing in common. They can’t even agree on basic concepts. Yet when he kisses her, all she can think about what it would feel like to stay in his arms forever. Love and duty clash like flint and steel, creating sparks that ignite the soul. All this for the sake of a magical sword that fuels one young girl’s dreams…

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