Peter and the Wolf

Symbiotic Mates: 2

What happens when your blood adversary turns out to be your fated blood mate?

Tyler tends bar at the Wolf Den to fill his lonely nights, but he still hasn’t given up on finding a mate. He has his eye on Hunter, a pack enforcer, but the Lycan kills one of their pack and finds sanctuary in the Colony, home of the Vampires. The Pack Alpha calls Hunter a traitor and wants him back dead or alive. But Tyler believes his friend is in trouble and he allows himself to be captured in order to find out the truth. Instead he’s branded a blood slave to a blonde-haired vampire-hawk who wants more than blood. An unlikely alliance is forged but falling for his captor was never part of the plan.

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Talon and the Falconer

Symbiotic Mates: 3

Ben, a Lycan falconer, lives on the outskirts of Arcadia, an oddball in the eyes of Lycan society. The wolves abide by a pack mentality and don't understand Ben's affinity for birds, especially in light of the ongoing feud between Lycans and the Kindred, vampires who can shift into hawks.

Talon, one of the Kindred, is shot down over Lycan territory and Ben rescues him. When Ben is injured, Talon returns the favor. Neither man realizes they've forged a connection that can never be broken, and their only hope for survival is to be together.

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