Plus-sized Julia Rafferty has it all, or does she? A successful archaeologist, she has finally realized her dream of working on a dig in Egypt. Professionally, she’s on top of the world. Personally, she battles self-esteem issues because of her weight and the fact that the man she wants doesn’t want her.

Noble Walters is known for being one of the best archaeologists in the field. He hand-picked his staff for the dig in Egypt and made sure that Julia was on board. He wants Julia for more than her archaeological skills. Now he just has to convince her of that.

While the pair are working on the dig site, Nob discovers the house of Peneb-Ra, an evil magician that lived 2,500 years ago. Julia discovers a paddle doll, an ancient Egyptian tomb artifact that was used as a sexual companion to the deceased. What they learn, is that this paddle doll contains the spirit of Nebetta, a concubine to Pharaoh Ramesses III.

While Julia and Noble, with the help of his friend Derrick Matthews, try to find a way to free Nebetta from her prison, Peneb-Ra is searching for a body to inhabit. And he wants Nebetta for himself.

Noble helps Julia discover many things about herself and her sexuality, with help from Derrick and Nebetta. But while the trio is searching for a way to break the spell binding Nebetta to the paddle doll, Peneb-Ra’s power is growing. A final face off will determine all of their fates. Or will it?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements that may be offensive to some readers: ménage and BDSM sexual practices.

This excerpt is from where Noble confronts Julia after she has snuck into the magician’s home after the dig site is closed for the day. Julia has found an artifact that “spoke” to her, and she’s hiding it from Noble.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Nob’s voice was full of anger.
Julia clutched the box to her chest, and then she ran it down her stomach until she reached her cargo pants and she could drop it into her pocket of her cargo pants. She moved the jars around to stir up the dust and clear signs of the box’s outline. When she was done, she turned to Nob.

“Why, Nob, fancy meeting you here.” She gave him an innocent smile even though her heart was beating a mile a minute. Was it the box that was causing that, or being close to Nob? She inclined her head toward him.

“I asked you a question.”

“I heard. I’m exploring. I did some translations and then I wanted to look around in here.”

“Did I give permission?”

“Did I ask? I’m on the staff, too, you know. I’m not a kid you can boss around.”

Nob ran his fingers through his hair. “Look, Jules, you were right about the spells. I instant messaged Derrick Matthews, one of my best friends, and he said this house could be dangerous. We need to go. Now.”

Julia ran her fingers along the outline of the box. The words master and forever echoed in her ear. Shelter me. Help me.

“So on this Derrick’s word, we’re just going to abandon it? Are you nuts?”

Nob shook his head in obvious frustration.

“I didn’t say we were going to abandon it. Derrick will be here in a few days. His thesis was on Egyptian magic. When he gets here, we’ll come back inside. Until then, I don’t want us messing with anything. Now let’s go.”

Julia fought down the urge to argue with him. She wanted to stay, see if she heard the voice again. But she had the box with her. She knew it was wrong to take the artifact from the house, but she couldn’t ignore the plaintive wail. At the house she could decipher the glyphs on it and try to decide why the box was speaking.

Ha! Speaking. She was losing it.

Help me, please help me! The voice sounded in her mind again and she took several deep breaths. Her palms were sweating. She should turn around and put the box right back where she’d found it. She picked up the lamp and moved across the room.

“Thanks for standing me up,” Nob whispered when she tried to push her way past him in the doorway. He put out his arm to block her way.

She lifted her head and smirked at him. “Feels like crap, huh?”

“I didn’t stand you up that night, Jules,” he said, his voice soft. He ran his hands along her hair and sent dust flying.

Julia moved back into the room. She could see desire in his eyes. Isn’t that what she wanted? What she’d craved? The great Nob Walters wanted to fuck her.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. “Really? What would you call it?”

“I left you a note saying the university guys came in unexpectedly to examine the site. I asked you to join us at the restaurant, but you never showed up. You tell me what you think happened that night.”

“I think that when I didn’t find you at the house, I went to the restaurant and saw you sitting with Carin. Cozily sitting with her, I might add. Two days later I saw you kissing her. I found no note.”

“Yeah, her dad was one of the guys that came in. And I didn’t kiss her. She kissed me. There’s a difference. And I did leave a note.” Nob took a step toward Julia. When she didn’t retreat, he took another step.

He bracketed her face with his hands and raised it to his own. Julia felt her breath catch in her throat. The box in her pocket hummed and warm vibrations flooded her nether region.

When he lowered his lips, she closed her eyes and moaned. His tongue pushed inside and she leaned further into him. God, it felt good. So good.

“Nob? I, um …” She put her hand in her pocket and grabbed the box. It was warm to the touch. She pulled it toward the top of her pocket.

“Yes, Jules?” His tongue traced her lips. “You know, if you weren’t so stubborn, we could have done this months ago. You just need to learn to listen to me.”

She dropped the box back in her pocket and pushed herself away from him.

“You self-centered asshole.”

“Damn, I bet you’re a devil in bed. Like to be on top? I can handle that. I’ll let you do all the work. We can try some kinky stuff too. I like kinky stuff, spice things up a little. Want me to tie you up?”

“You wish.” She stormed past him and went into the magic room, where she picked up the lamps. His laughter echoed through the walls.

“You loved it. You know you did. And you want more. I won’t leave any marks on your wrists. Promise.” He held up three fingers in a salute and laughed.

She whirled toward him. “Stick your tongue in my mouth again, and I’ll bite it off.”

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