Love Potion #7 My newest Ellora's Cave release, Love Potion #7, releases next Wednesday, October 24, and I'm so excited that it's releasing during football season. The tale of a sexy witch who sets out to teach a womanizing football star a lesson in desire he'll never forget, Love Potion #7 is a sensuous battle-of-the-sexes romance with a dose of the paranormal and a dash of humor. I was inspired to write this story by my fondness for the old television series (and the movie) Bewitched and my love of football. I married a die-hard football fan (won't mention the team, but their uniforms are black and gold, so that narrows it down), and over the years, I've become quite a football fan myself. Many of the men playing football are indeed swoon-worthy. I see many more football-player heroes in my writing future. Here are some of my favorite swoon-worthy football stars (including a few from the past). This list is by no means complete. I hope to see your favorites in the comments. You may just see your favorite "starring" in a future romance.


Drumroll, please – Tara's top thirteen swoon-worthy football stars:

1.  Aaron Rodgers

2. Tim Tebow

3. Tony Romo

4. Mark Sanchez

5. Golden Tate

6. Tony Gonzalez

7. Hines Ward

8. Troy Polamalu

9. Jason Taylor

10. Kyle Boller

11. Drew Brees

12. Joe Namath

13. Wes Welker


Who are your favorite football hunks? Leave a comment below with your favorites – I love to be inspired!

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