In celebration of my birthday this week, today's Thursday Thirteen looks at my top thirteen birthday gifts. Feel free to send any of these my way 🙂

Drumroll, please!

1. An all-expenses paid trip to London…what better way to research my next book.

2. Two weeks with Gerard Butler in Scotland…what better way to learn about gorgeous Scottish men…guess I'll take a look at the countryside, too, while I'm there.

3. Diamonds are a girl's best friends.

4. The Captain Jack Sparrow doll…delivered by Johnny Depp.

5. A shiny, candy-apple red Mustang convertible.

6. A gift card to fill my e-reader with new reads.

7. A gi-normous framed poster of the cover for Claimed by the Spymaster.

/>8. An equally gi-normous framed poster of the cover for Claimed by the Captain.

9. Tickets and Reservations for Romanticon, 2012.

10. Tickets and Reservations for the RT convention, 2012.

11. A cookbook that will motivate me to cook.laugh

12. More writing time in the day

and, last – but certainly not least!

13. A date-night with the hubby (this one's for real!)

What are your dream birthday gifts? I'd love to get some ideas  🙂 To help you celebrate with me, I'm offering a free e-copy of Claimed by the Spymaster to one lucky commenter.


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