I’m sorry, but there is nothing more disgusting than seeing a beautiful woman, or hunk of a man, covered in tattoos. Gross! You can’t even call this a fad, because they are stuck with these things for life! Sure, it looks good now, on their long lean skinny bodies, but what about when they’re sixty and seventy years old? Cause let me tell you – the body don’t stay as firm as it is when you’re in your twenties or thirties. Pretty soon you’ll be peeling your skin back to show your grandchildren. They’ll be like “Grannie, what’s that on your arm? Is that a picture of a snake?” and you’ll peel it back, roll out the fat, and say “Nah, darling. that’s a kitty cat I had put on there back when I thought it was cool.”

Yeah, nice role model you’ll make for your kids, now, won’t ya? Crazy fools who do this! And to have it out where people can see it! I see young girls with tattoos on their lower back, so when they bend over you can see it – but most of them are digging at their shirts trying to hide it. You can’t hide it, darlin. You’re stuck with that poison on there forever. And if you meet John and fall in love, get his name tattooed on your ass, soon the dimples of cellulite will take over and John will drown in the fat of your behind. Nice. Poor John never saw it coming. Nor did the lovely heart tattoo that used to sit on top of your perky breast. Now it’s hanging low, an upside down heart that you can look at right side up now.

And what about those men who are covered in tattoos? The ones who profess to ‘love their momma’. I tell ya, if my son loved his momma that way, he’d have the tattoo of my foot on his ass!! I saw on Oprah where Sandra Bullock’s man Jesse James put his life story on his body. HELLO! Write a damn book, man! Let the world read your story, not see it. Yuck.

And piercings. Let me tell you……..when I go to a restaurant, or fast food place, and I see someone with earrings coming out of their eyebrows, nose, cheeks, chins, lips, etc…….you’d better not expect a tip. How unsanitary is that? They try to tell us to let kids express themselves. Buy them an easel and some paint! Don’t let them destroy their bodies and cause hygiene issues! Can you imagine what it’s like trying to put that ring in your nose? Ewww. Can you say boogie hook? Or in your tongue? I can’t even handle a canker on my tongue, so forget a ring. Don’t get me started with nipple and belly button rings. Everyone needs to take a step back and remember the old days when kids were clean cut, polite, and tattoo/pierced free (except ears). No guns were in schools, drugs didn’t run as freely, and God knows the girls weren’t being paid $5 to help the boys in the washroom clean their firemen. Junior High boys are NOT clean boys. You want to help your children, get them a job, give them your time, and don’t wait to read their life story on their body. Shame on you if you allow this to happen!

I’m steamed now!



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