I’m so sorry I’m late with my monthly clamor, however, my husband and child were both sick with a bad cold.  That’s not why though, please read on and use this as a cautionary tale about the evil that teens are capable of or as a reminder to  use birth control–either or.

I took my child to the doctor and while there, mentioned that my husband had the same thing, so he got the same meds.  Now, I don’t usually get colds, however, this time, I fell victim for one reason alone: my child! Despite my attempts to avoid her, she insisted sitting on me and–DRINKING FROM MY CUP.  

She’s full grown and therefore does not need to sit in my lap, even if she’d fit, nor does she usuall drink out of my glass because she doesn’t even like unsweetened tea.  I firmly believe she did this for express purpose of getting me sick for pure spite.  While my Christmas present left a bit to be desired, giving me a horrible chest cold with a bright pink throat (Tonsillitis) added on top for my mid-winter present,  did not  make up for this lack.  I’m just glad I can’t get fever blisters or they’d have been stuck on like little crusty gift tags, because believe me, she tried by using my lip balm even though I gave her some of her own. Teenagers! 

I’ll tell you all this, when she grows up and gets pregnant, I’m moving to another country and I’m not leaving a forwarding address. Because if there’s a way to give me that terminal illness, believe me, that devious little creature would find it.

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