Just check out the front page of Teresa Medeiros’ home page on her website and you will see why I rave about this gal. http://www.teresamedeiros.com/. Here is what she has to say about her writings: Thanks so much for popping in! I had this website designed for readers who love books as much as I do. I like to think there’s something for everyone in my own titles–ancient kings, noble knights, inept witches, sensual vampires, sexy cowboys, daring highwayman, notorious pirates, roguish dukes, and even a bold warrior who doesn’t have a clue when it comes to handling his twelve children. Welcome to my world and thank you so much for letting me share yours for a few precious hours every time you pick up one of my books!

So which books am I talking about today? The two that deal with vampires of course! The first is entitled After Midnight. “Our sister is marrying a vampire.” When the ever practical Caroline Cabot first hears those words from the lips of her fanciful youngest sister, she accuses Portia of having a wild imagination. But when she discovers their sister Vivienne is actually being courted by Adrian Kane, the mysterious viscount rumored to be a vampire, she decides to accept his invitation to a midnight supper and do some sleuthing of her own. To both her delight and her dismay, she soon finds herself falling under Kane’s bewitching spell. After all, what’s a proper young lady to do when her sister’s suitor arouses more than just her suspicions?

The Second book is entitled The Vampire Who Loved Me. Julian Kane is back in town. Once, as a girl of seventeen, beautiful, headstrong Portia Cabot saved the life of the dashing vampire Julian Kane—who marked her forever, then left to go in search of his soul. He returns five years later to find the enchanting young girl he left behind grown into a bewitching woman with a woman’s heart…and a woman’s desires. Portia quickly discovers that Julian’s seductive and forbidden kiss can still make her crave the night…and his touch. But a recent spate of murders makes Portia fear that the man she has always adored may truly be a monster.  For years Julian has fought the temptation to embrace his dark gifts, never realizing that Portia’s love may give him the most dangerous gift of all…a reason to live…

These novels will not only give you the vampires you crave to read about, they will touch your soul with the way the author puts together her writings. A wonderful and fulfilling read to be sure!

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