I’ve often heard of therapy dogs…have you used them in your stories?  I have seen ‘seeing eye dogs’ in action, and often warned my children when they were young not to touch the dogs, but I dont’ think I’ve ever seen a therapy dog.  Not that I would recognize one I suppose.

Interesting how you got your idea for your book.  And I love that you didn’t just jump into that being the first idea for the story – that you worked it in.  How intriguing.  I don’t know much about the writing world but I can’t imagine it’s as simple as many of us may think.  I often wonder if you authors just think of an idea, jot it down, put it on a computer and out it pops.  Just like piece of toast in the morning!  lol

Don’t get me wrong, I know there is a lot of work to it – from what I’ve learned just by bloggin this past couple of years, I am humbled to know what happens to get me those books I love to read.

Why not share an excerpt?  I would love to read something – anything!  Thanks!

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