I’m working on a Western Historical series and a funny Regency one.  I’m co-writing my Regency one with my friend Donna McAteer. 

My room….  well…  it’s a mess.  I’m not good on being organized.  I share it with 4 dogs, so the floor is full of dog toys.  I have a desktop in my office and I mostly work there.  Now that I have a laptop, though, I often find other places to work.  My favorite place is to sit on the bed with a lot of pillows.  Then all my dogs can be up there with me.  I’m enjoying the new freedom that I have with my laptop.  I don’t know what I did without it. 

As soon of you may know, I write a variety of things.  My favorite is historicals.  I was a history major in college and am a big history buff, so that way I get to combine my two favorite things.  I’ve been moving into Romantic Suspense.  It has been fun having my characters be able to use techology.  It took a little adjsting to get use to it.  I think my different genres each have a bit of their own flavor.  I’m thrilled that Whiskey Creek lets me write both. 

I hope it’s okay that posting a little today.  My internet went down yesterday with the wind and I’m just now getting back on line. 

Thanks again for having me!         

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