32029186.jpgI’m just glad that someone woke up and smelled the coffee! That’s cliche` too, but it works.  I’m at loss with the brand naming in those Chick Lit books, which should hold a warning label for Shop-a-holics.  I’m a consummate Payless shopper so am usually immune, but I’ve developed a severe shoe fetish after reading some of the worst offenders. 

The concept of ‘I don’t need a man to complete me’ is great, because no woman really does.  But, sometimes, I would like more of a satisfactory ending than “Who cares if Mark Jackson-Healy ever comes back? I just bought a new Fendi bag on sale!” And her spunky friend’s–there always is one in chicklit–reply of, “You go girlfriend!”  Heck, men make wonderful space heaters on cold nights among other things. 

As for the mommy gene, while I have one, I stopped at one because I got it right the first time. Now it’s Auntie Claudie and I’m fine with that.  I’m happy for all these Fertile Fergies though, and will hold their babies, giving them back when they fill their diapers with the pew-pooh.  That’s the fun part. 

So, keep on with your Big Girl Books.  Big meaning, older, smarter and much more in line with my way of thinking.  I’m so glad you came and blogged with us this week. 

Attention: Coffee Time Readers: If you’re like me and have reached a time of life where freedom looms because your snarky teen is on the cusp of hopping out of your nest leaving it blissfully, peacefully empty then JL Wilson’s stories may be right up your reading alley!  To learn more about her chocolatey ‘Brownie’ books or any of her others which feature an older wiser heroine whose interested in bagging the hot hunk and solving a mystery instead of populating the world, please visit her site.  


Again, thanks for blogging with me and have a great Labor Day from me and Coffee Time Romance!

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