It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you these past couple of days.  You jumped right in and gave us some great excerpts.  I’m still wondering what happened to Claire and how she’s going to get out of her mess.  When you accomplish that, you have great talent.  They often say if an actor can make you hate him/her, they’ve done a great job.  So when you bring conviction to a character – then you’ve done YOUR job.

I know you have tons of fans who are happy you’ve continued with your career and look forward to many books to come.  What are you working on next?  What can we see in the next five years from you?  Too far ahead?  Okay, the next year.  Get feeding that addiction to published contracts and bylines.  I’d love to see my name in lights – but for now I’ll settle for being here on my pedestal. Have a great one!

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