The writer’s strike is over and yet, they’re more reality shows on than ever now. Here I’ve always felt that the old boob tube was invented to provide me with an escape from reality.  Old fashioned, I know, but I always loved watching  fantasies coming out of that small(or big, plasma and HD if you have it) screen.

People wonder why movie companies continue to put shows like the Brady’s, Welcome Back Kotter (scheduled sometime this year)and Bewitched on the big screen. It’s because we as a television watching public are missing that little something called fun.  Even when they get it wrong–and they usually do with the remakes, we still go and see them, hoping that someone will get it right.  Sometimes, just the theme song and a couple of the old stars coming back in cameo roles satisfy us.  The Dukes of Hazard wasn’t half bad, and I credit the soundtrack, Willie Nelson, Stifler, washisname. Ok ok, my husband has informed me that it was definately Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Dukes that made the movie.

The dramas were great too, the men were so handsome–of course they had help from makeup and hair, but I could forget that for a while. The women wore glittering jewelry and skimpy clothes I coudn’t afford, and wouldn’t wear to a dogfight even if I could.   The point was, they weren’t real, and I had such fun tearing apart their petty lives that had nothing in common with my own.  Poor rich lady. She’s so unhappy. Aren’t we lucky we’re poor and can’t afford to buy ugly clothes? Look at that dress! You know that’s why her husband cheats on her!!

Some shows were so bad, they were good, they were safe for me to make fun of with avid acidity, like those 90210’ers from Beverly Hills. Some weren’t that bad, I just watched for the hell of it, in the case of the Wonderbra witches, aka the Charmed ones. Others were mediocre, with faint hints of greatness, like Reba, Everybody Loves Raymond, Cheers, and one of my favorites, Frasier. Mostly fluff, yes, but entertaining and oh so far from reality. 

I loved being swept away by tv shows, taken outside my life for the space of an hour, maybe two.  You know like books, with pictures and sound.  Maybe if they made my favorite books into movies or tv shows it might better. Wait, no, they never get those right do they?  But, if I want reality, I’ll watch the news.

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