Loved that excerpt! Bad boys getting what they deserve, and what they want are always fun.  

I’ve actually heard of the ‘language of the fan’ but not much past rapping the man on the knuckles and smirking while saying, “You naughty thing you!” then fanning harder to cool him off while he gets even naughtier. 

Too bad we don’t get to carry around fans today, it could make our lives easier, our love lives at least.  In a pinch Dr. Blevins could whack Det. Hollis with her stethoscope, but I can’t complain, because I love watching them have to work it out.

The alpha male is a term bandied about so much that it’s becoming a bit cliche`. Not the man himself, just the term. I don’t care what he’s called, I just want to read about a man who is sexy, funny, strong and smart.  I know this isn’t realistic, but I’m not reading the newspaper am I?  No, I’m reading romance and this is my fantasy man! 

That being said, how would you classify the majority of your heroes?  Strong and silent, loud and brash. Are they the boss,  the epitome of the ‘alpha male’?  What is your favorite type of hero?  

What are your thoughts on the too stupid too live heroine? If you’re like me, you’d vote to kill her off early and get a new and improved model with a bigger butt and IQ. 

Have any of your secondary characters ever screamed for their very own book?  Or have any of your readers asked about characters, and given you the idea to do a book about them? If so, who, and are you working on books about them? 

The blogarazzi speaks for the people.  

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