Demo leads her to a BMW cycle parked on the sidewalk…hey it wouldn’t be Athens if it was in a parking spot! 


“Why aren’t we taking the car?”

“Because we want to enjoy the ride to its fullest.” He put on his own helmet and swung a long leg over the motorcycle. Scooting forward, he nodded for her to get on.

Rising to her toes, she grabbed a hold on his broad shoulders and climbed up. Sitting behind him, his tight jean clad rear tucked neatly against her thighs, did nothing to convince her not to think of her boss in a sexual or romantic way.

Oh well, she was here. She may as well go for the ride. She squeezed her thighs a bit and tapped his shoulder to let him know she was ready. As the powerful BMW lurched forward, she found her tentative hold on his shoulders was insufficient, and wrapped her hands around his middle, settling securely against him for the trip.

Silliness and immaturity. That was what was happening. She’d been misreading his simple friendly overtures. She’d never been able to read men correctly. Considering her father had walked out of her life at eight, and with no uncles and absent grandparents, there was no normal man to compare the opposite sex to.

Mistakes filled twenty-seven years, and one of them was her ability to characterize the men in her life. Signs of Brad’s unstable mental state had always been there, but she hadn’t recognize them. She’d been naïve and believed his obsession was a sign of love.

Damage done, he’d left her romantically timid and beaten. Sammy hid behind a strong professional façade. She preferred the woman she was today, but she wanted to add another aspect to her life: carefree romance and fun.

It’s doable; now I have the experience and knowledge not to lose my heart.

Sighing at the thought, she wondered if she was strong enough to truly abandon her inhibitions and come out in one piece. Especially with the man whose body she was pressed up against so intimately. She loosened her hold and tried to straighten against the force of wind.

Half an hour later, she acknowledged Demo had been correct. Riding south along the rugged coastal road on a motorcycle definitely pleased the senses more than being cooped up in a car.

The feel of the arid Greek air against her face was invigorating, and the variety of smells wafting in the breeze at the stoplights was enticing. There was the sweet jasmine from the blooms dotting the landscape on the left, the appetizing aroma of the cubed meat from the souvlakia on the charcoal grills, and the tantalizing scent of the sea on their right.

The cliffs dropped into the azure water, calling Sammy for a swim. On each twist and turn, she tightened her hold on the muscular body pushing against her, and found herself enjoying his clean masculine scent above all the others.

This wasn’t a ride, but a surreal flight into something she didn’t quite know how to identify. As if burdens rushed off her shoulders, she was lighter, free of concerns that weighed her down.

Glorious, she felt glorious, just like the gold speck that glittered in the distance on the edge of a cliff. What was it?

Slowing the bike, Demo pulled off to a small space between some shrubs on the cliff. He removed his helmet and turned to speak to her. “This is Cape Sounion, and the Temple of Poseidon is atop that cliff.” He pointed to the gold shimmer she’d been admiring. “The ancient Athenians built it to make offerings to the god of the sea. They believed it would keep their men safe when they sailed away from the city-state.”

“Is it covered with gold?” Sammy asked.

Shaking his head side to side, he smiled. “No, but seeing it from here, a person could make that assumption. It’s the sun reflecting at just the perfect angle off the age-worn marble. You’ll be able to see it as we get closer. It’s my favorite spot near Athens to watch the sun set.”

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