Well, I have to side with you, Bonnie, Maddie, Mel, and Dara, the beach is the place to be.

When the sun is beating down on you and it is a hundred degrees out there, you sit in the shade of a palm frond and let the breeze caress you heated skin before diving in for the final cool-down. At night, the breeze is a touch colder, the sun is in hiding, but the sand is warm under your toes and hopefully in your clothes –that is if you’re there with the right company.

The mountains are great, too. But I think I go there to pull into myself and regenerate my strength. I think the combination of the two is the bomb. Mountains overlooking the sea!

As for my personal favorite, ‘bestest’, most incredible place in the world: the airport! If I’m there, I’m heading somewhere.

Plus, have you thought about who you could meet in the terminal, on the shuttle, or on the plane? A handsome stranger for a quick tryst in a foreign city.  A broad set of shoulders belonging to a lover from years ago.  A friend, a child, or even a spouse could surprise you.  Like one of my friends always tells me not to do: make eye contact and people flock your way.

Now, here is a little ‘beach’ scene from The Greek Rule:

     “How about we climb down here, sit on the beach and enjoy the sunset while we talk?”
     “Sure.” She took his outstretched hand for balance as they climbed down the monopati, a narrow little dirt path littered with stones, on the steep cliff. He wrapped his long fingers around her hand and put his body ahead of hers. Almost immediately, she regretted not wearing her sneakers and stopped talking in order to concentrate on her footing.
     Without saying a word, Alexandros guided her over the well-worn path. When they were on the beach, he turned, placed one arm behind her knees and carried her. She looked into his dark brooding eyes as he took matters—and her—into his own protective hands.
     “There are many loose rocks in this area. I don’t need you to fall or sprain an ankle,” he remarked, as if he did this sort of thing every day. She was about to protest when he added, “I should have realized you weren’t wearing sneakers.”
     “Well thanks for the concern, but I think I’m a little too big to be carried.”
     “I’m bigger, and this seems to be a perfect fit,” he argued, continuing across the expanse of black sand.
Alexandros balanced her on his knee and took off her sandals. He then placed her feet on the sand. Athena decided to let it go and change the subject.
     “It’s so warm,” she said. “The weather has begun to cool off, but this sand is just a pinch off hot.” Aleka Nakis 49
     “It’s black volcanic sand. It demands the sun’s attention all day long, so it’s always warm. However, the breeze from the sea which is at a much lower temperature, and has cooled considerably since noon,” he replied, unbuttoning his shirt in a sensual motion that had her concentrating on every movement.
     Athena’s eyes burned as he pulled the shirt open and slid his arms from the sleeves.
     Not again, please!
     His tanned sculpted chest was broader from this angle. His jeans rested perfectly on his hips, and were worn in all the right places. Her mouth went dry and she found it hard to concentrate.
     He flicked the shirt and laid it on the sand. “Come, have a seat.”
     Athena hesitated, staring at him as if she was looking at an alien, but she took his hand and allowed him to guide her to his makeshift blanket. He sat behind her, stretching out a long muscular leg on either side of her body. Alexandros wrapped an arm around her waist, entwining the other in her curls as he guided her head to rest on his chest.
     His clean male scent intoxicated her. Turning to face him, she felt dizzy as her cheek brushed against his chest. It took her a moment to remember what she needed to say.
     “I may have given you the wrong impression,” she said quietly. “But I have a rule, and I don’t do this.”
     “Do what? What rule?” he asked, smoothing her hair behind her ear.
     “I don’t get romantically involved with Greeks on my summer vacation. I never have, and I don’t plan on becoming a notch in someone’s belt this year.”
     “You could never be a simple notch in anyone’s belt, especially not my belt.” His lyrical voice almost lulled her nerves to a gentle hum. “Just relax, koukla mou, and enjoy the sunset. I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want.”
     That was the problem. She wanted to lose control with him, to let her sensible, responsible side take a break so she could join the party.
She laid her head back against his sculpted chest in silent turmoil. They watched the concert the sun put on for them, and she felt him relax against her.
     Red and orange flames danced across the sky in harmony with the large ball of fire. As the ball touched the water’s edge, the flames began to sizzle and the sky took on a magenta hue.

Can I tempt you to take a trek through the jungle for a little laugh? 


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