Of mice and men, as the old saying goes. I’d planned on doing excerpts last night. Then I got to writing and lost track of time. The next thing I knew it was very late, almost three a.m., and my eyes were very tired.

So I planned on doing it this morning, and my newlywed mother (she’s 76) and her husband showed up to say they had to run errands while they were in town and wanted to take me to lunch. Who am I to turn down free lunch?

So, here I am, well fed and ready to heat up your day just a bit.

I’ll start with my stories from Loose Id. I have six titles out there, with one on the way. They include Tales of the Magician 1: The Captive One; Tales of the Magician 2: The Lost One; Graceful Submission; Sweet Vibrations; Sweet Perfection and Graceful Mischief, A Halloween Trick. Sweet Silence releases Dec. 4th.
Most of my titles for Loose Id are BDSM, and there are the two paranormals. I thought I’d give you an excerpt from Tales of the Magician 1, since it was my first contracted book and I absolutely loved writing it. The story came out of my love for Ancient Egypt, and is set in modern day Egypt.

I’ll post the blurb and an excerpt in another post so you can enjoy them! Happy reading.


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