This is my latest release fro Devine Destinies an imprint of eXtasy Books.  The Captain’s Wench was written in the vein of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.  But sexier, and spicier.  I hope you like it.

Alex turned back toward the hearth, eyes narrowed in concentration. The fire grew, the flames lighting up the dark corners of the living room. Higher and higher they climbed, filling the hearth with a vivid orange glow. Alex nodded in satisfaction, and then shook his head. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to get the hang of this ghost nonsense. Burning down the house around them wouldn’t solve anything. That

wasn’t the way he wanted to remove her from his premises. With a rueful sigh, he concentrated his efforts and let the fire return to normal, then glanced back at the woman. A long, lithe tanned 

limb slid out from under the sleeping bag and lay draped across the covers.

A deep sigh escaped her lips as he heard her mumble, “A wench, the sea, a strong, handsome pirate, mmm…”

So, she dreamt of pirates and wenches. Heat suffused his loins as he found himself unable to look away. The last time he had pleasured a woman and been pleasured in return was… He couldn’t remember. Had it been that long ago?  Alex trailed his hand across her skin, up her thighs to the valley between, letting his fingers

linger on her bare flesh. She moaned and stretched, her eyes still closed. The simple movement tugged the covers lower, exposing creamy white skin. It would be so easy to let his fingers dip beneath the scrap of lace and caress her intimately. He closed his eyes and let the feelings wash over him. He wanted more, he wanted to peel back the blanket, remove her clothing and bury himself deep within her flesh. Taking release

from her, pleasuring her. With a frown, he shook his head. Now, wasn’t the time to lose sight of his objective. Pleasures of the flesh were beyond his realm, out of his control. But apparently not out of his thoughts. Or hers.

Alex smiled. This could prove to be the most fun he’d had in years. A deep chuckle filled his throat.



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