Hi everyone! Let’s have some fun and talk about superstitions.  Being part Irish, I am very superstitious by nature. The minute I hear about a legend or a good luck charm, something in my blood starts to tingle and I know I’m hooked. And off I go on a wild goose chase until I find the promised omen of good luck.  In The Claddagh Ring, love, friendship and loyalty are promised to the wearer of the simple yet powerful ring. And the minute Meghan wears the Claddagh Ring her mother has left her, it begins working its magic. And when she spots the mysterious and ruggedly handsome Rork, the lead singer performing at her bar, she feels the heat all the way down to her ruby red toenails. Meghan stops mixing drinks and loses herself in hypnotic blue eyes…

Now here are a few of my silly superstitions I swear by.

The legend behind the pink tourmaline stone: said to bring good luck for writers. When a writer wears this gem, work is said to get published. Okay, so you guessed it. I made a wild dash and found not only a pink tourmaline ring, but a matching bracelet for good measure. And guess what? I got lots of compliments…and lots of rejection letters from publishing houses. But just when I wrote it off as a silly superstition, berating myself for falling prey to yet another scam, I got three contracts from The Wild Rose Press. I am now a firm believer in the legend of the pink tourmaline and rub it before opening all letters from my editor!


Angels: our protectors, our guardians… Do I believe in their celestial powers? You bet and here’s why. Nearly fifteen years ago, I had a potentially fatal illness and was not expected to live without risky brain surgery. The minute I was diagnosed, I went out and bought a gold angel charm and put it on my necklace. Almost immediately, a feeling of peace and tranquility washed over me. I placed my burden in God’s hands and felt confident my guardian angel would stay at my side. The night before the surgery, a prayer chain was started for me in three states. That night as I slept, I felt the presence of my angel. I can’t explain it, other than there was a definite aura in the room. The following morning, after I was wheeled to surgery and put out with the anesthetic, I felt at peace. When I came to, my doctor smiled at me and said, “No surgery. I cancelled the surgery at the last minute. I was up all night long going over your MRI and something made me change my mind.” For the next six weeks, I received intravenous drugs worse than chemo. But still, doctors did not expect me to live for more than six months. I just kept the faith and never once took off my angel. That was fifteen years ago….


Lady bugs, coffee and Baileys and fifty cent slot machines? Oh here we go! I do so enjoy a day at the casino now and again! And I heard as I’m sure you have, lady bugs bring good luck So my sister and I were gambling a few years ago and we both had our pinky lady bug rings on. We felt like a coffee and Baileys and no machines were available other than the fifty cent slot machines. And do you know we both hit for a few hundred bucks? Not a windfall by any stretch of the imagination, but when those bells ring and people come running, oh what a thrill! So what do you think? Just plain luck…or was it something in the coffee or the lady bug?


So now I’ve let you in on a few of my superstitions. I’d love to hear yours. Leave a comment and one comment will win a download of The Claddagh Ring. Good luck!

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