Rachel Hawthorne is a young adult author that has recently caught my attention with her new Dark Guradians series.

Moonlight is the first book in the series and it’s about a girl named Kayla, who was adopted at a young age after her parents were killed. On the recommendation of her doctor she, along with her adoptive parents, returns to the forest where the accident took place to try to make peace with her feelings. Kayla becomes close friends with one of the sherpas Lindsey, who talks Kayla into coming back to the forest to be a sherpa next summer. When she arrives Kayla meets Lucas the sherpa leader and starts having these very strong feelings for him, but can’t figure out why. What she also doesn’t know is that she’s a wolf shifter and that Lucas is her mate and will be the one to guide her through her first transformation. As she comes to terms with her destiny she finds that there’s also danger in the forest that’s a threat to them all. In the second book, Full Moon, it’s Lindsey’s turn to have her transformation, but things aren’t going as smoothly as she thought they would. Connor has always been beside her through everything, so naturally he’ll be with her during her shift and be her mate, but it’s the darkly handsome Rafe that’s been catching her eye lately. When their friends are captured by the enemy, she and Rafe have to work together to try and save them, but being in close proximity to him isn’t helping her emotions. The third book is Dark of the Moon, and it’s about Another sherpa named Brittany. She’s not been claimed by one of the boys as their mate, so she’s facing her transformation alone. The only problem is that no one has ever heard of a female going through their full moon by themselves and surviving. She’s also loved Connor from a distance, but he’s hardly ever noticed her. When they’re trapped together by their enemies they learn a lot about each other, but her secret is also brought to light and it could be their end.

Currently there are only the three books available with a fourth, Shadow of the Moon, being released in March 2010. Check out Rachel’s site at http://www.rachelhawthorne.net/ for more information and her other books.

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