Yasmine Galenorn has created such a special trio of women who live in a world similar yet different from this one.  I just crawl inside these books and fall into the world of the D’Artigo sisters for a few hours at a time.  They are sexy, strong, smart women who just happen to be half-human, half-Faerie. Camille is the sister I probably relate to the most. It’s her no nonsense attitude which makes her most relatable to me, but Delilah and Menolly hold a special place in my heart, too. These women kick… butt and take names!  They may not always like the challenges presented to them, but they take them on. Camille’s challenge of marrying two gorgeous men in order to save a third… whew, what a way to take one for the team! There is magick, mischief and mayhem, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. A witch, a shape-shifter and a vampire living together with a gargoyle and Iris, a lady with more power than they ever imagined. Throw in a dragon, a Youkai, a succubus, the Elementals, a few FBHs (full blooded humans) and a little bit of every other magickal creature and you have a very powerful cocktail. These three sisters often remind me of the Triple Goddess. Each one is powerful on their own, but together…LOOK OUT!

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