A jack-of-all-trades Don Winslow has had a go at many professions, but lucky for us has arrived at becoming an award winning novelist.  From the East coast to the West coast Mr. Winslow has traversed our great country, and donned a multitude of experiences that thoroughly enlivens his novels.  He now calls a ranch in California home, along with his wife and son.  Be sure to check out his work on the big screen as well as in print, with much more to come.

To get a feel for the wind, the waves, and a taste of the briny salt air you need only to open the pages of this book. There is nothing like a book that can plant you face first in the sand, and put you right into the heart of the action. I had the pleasure of reading this while lying on the beach, and it made the experience truly extraordinary. Don Winslow is a first rate crime writer, but even more than that his sense of humor enriches his work that very few can emulate.

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