21264625.jpgAnd my television went  dark. No my dear sweet husband didn’t kick the set in a fit of football pique.  Although, after the Packer’s last game, it was a close thing, let me tell you.  What I’m talking about is The Writer’s Strike. *gasp*

The WGA is striking, for varied and yes, valid reasons, shown at the link. I’m going to be honest here and confess that I don’t actually care what it is they want,  I just want them to get it. What I and most of America does care about is how it affects me.  

I’m sure this is what the writers are banking on too. Ugly Betty’s addictive soap opera spoofiness aside, there is one show that I better get to watch and soon. I want my Mohinder and I want him now.  Heroes is one of the few shows I watch with any regularity and if I don’t get my hot men fix soon, it won’t be pretty.  

Hollywood doesn’t really want me to come out there to solve their problems for them. I’d start out nice, but if that didn’t work, I could always show them new and painful uses for all those picket signs. Because if I have to make do with with bad reality shows much longer I will make that town look like the Jerry Springer studio the day after sweeps week. 

However, all is not Lost! (Eh, I like the eye candy on this one, but otherwise, not a fan) because American Idol aside, there is only one reality show I enjoy.  

Ghost Hunters  is a great show. The head investigators are a little dry at times, but their back up crew are hilarious, especially when they fight.  You can’t buy entertainment like that.  There are also various movies, and you can always buy your favorite shows on DVD and catch up on them, so you’ll be refreshed and ready for whenever the strike is over.

Failing that we could all turn off the TV and read a book like our mothers were always telling us to do. (at least my mother did)  Now that could work. My TBR pile would dwindle down to nothing by the time the strike ended I’d be ready to buy new books. Great Cable Gods! Could this mean my mother was actually right? No, that’s too horrible to even contemplate.   Now that’s a real reason to end the strike. I wonder who I should call? 

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