S.D. Grady is a lover of many things: men, movies, music, and fast machines. An award winning author, she shares her life with her college sweetheart and two cats. They live in the house on the hill and often vacation at NASCAR tracks in their RV. As a new fan of Ms. Grady’s, I have found her to have a quick mind, sassy disposition, and a healthy sense of humor. 

Ms. Grady takes a country girl, gives her the will to become someone she is not, then turns her into a strong woman with the will to survive. The push and pull attraction between the two main characters is thick with the want and need they have for each other. The scenes depicted in the tale were described with vivid clarity. A sensational read for any romance reader, this story is filled with passion, laughter, and tears. The Eyes of Sin is a tale that will be remembered for years to come. 

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