S.D Grady is a fantastic write who can write anything she sets her heart at. She delves into historical, western settings or even a little fantasy with not a drop of sweat. She also has a love for Nascar. This is one author who is worth your time reading.

Emotionally charged and against all odds is what this story seemed like to me. Ms. Grady has a way of weaving a tale that cannot be denied. The characters entwine themselves around your heart that you must know what is going to happen next. Being a strong woman was just one of many things that helped Lavinia stay on top of her crises. Eric, on the other hand, faltered a lot and was not sure how to make his heart’s desire happen. This fantasy was so simple yet spoke volumes in the two main characters quest to find love. It will pull at your heartstrings and definitely is one that will not leave my mind any time soon.

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