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Ms. Bantwal was born and raised in a large conservative Hindu family in a small town called Belgaum in Southwestern India. She refers to herself as the black sheep of the family, the only tomboy and hellion in a family of five girls. Her four sisters were angels—good little Brahmin girls with the perfect mix of academic achievement modesty and deportment.(Ms. Bantwal's words) She claims to have single-handedly given her parents every gray hair they possessed but they were wonderful parents and feels she owes most of what she is to them today. The most valuable things they gave her…an outstanding education and the love of reading.

From my own perspective, Ms. Bantwal left off what I consider the most valuable qualities a person can possess. Her talent, inner beauty and graciousness. All a delight to embrace.

Book Review

Ms. Bantwal has formulated a treasure of words for an engaging read remaining long after the final scene has been deliciously absorbed. FranklyI cannot tell if I am more enamored by Soorya or the author herself. The author has obviously internalized the emotions of her characterleaving the impression that the line between writer and actor is an invisible one. I thoroughly enjoyed The Full Moon Bride for the emotioneducationand entertainment. What I appreciate most is the total lack of manipulation I felt while being led through Soorya's awakening of herself and the man she loves. In summaryThe Full Moon Bride is sophisticatedeloquentdifficult to put down and cements a lasting impression.

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