Thank you Claudine!  I had a blast hanging out with you these past few days.  If you ever need a guest poster, I am SO there.

But it looks like the fun is only starting.  You have a happening post coming up on the 21st, sure to get the old brain cells moving (dancing in their daytime pajamas). 

I’ll be back to lurking.  Well, not being completely silent.  I think that is impossible. 

I always have a new free story on my blog every Wednesday (I love backstory and the story posts allow me to indulge) and a photo of a man in a business suit every Monday (I hunted down some hot, hot, HOT European men on my latest trip, got them in their natural environments like eating gelato in Rome or downing a pint in London).  If we’re going to love businessmen, it is nice to keep them in the current styles.  I have my hubby knotting his tie in a square as is the latest fashion overseas.

Time to change into the nighttime pajamas.  Oh and shake my bootie as I’m hearing Madonna’s Four Minutes on the radio.

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