You are on a roll!  lol.  Yes, I had to go look at him and was ashamed to think that he looked like me in the mornings.  Perhaps it is a female after all.  But we’ll go with your first assessment.  And no, I never heard of trying to condense a story to 20 words, but I do love sudoku puzzles!!  I am addicted to them and have a program on my computer for them.  Sometimes I’m here for hours trying to do the ‘hard’ level, but refuse to give up until it’s done.

I had to read your profile and you talk about yourself the same way I do.  By lying.  Hell, if I can convince someone that my breasts really don’t keep my bellybutton company, or that my thighs look like cottage cheese, then it works for me.  I’m sure my husband has had to envision someone else in his head to go to bed with me.  It’s okay, I don’t mind – cause I sometimes do the same for him.  I would love for him to turn into Sean Connery just once.  Okay, I’m showing my age, right?  Let’s move on.  It’s fine for us to check out the menu as long as we don’t order anything. 

Is there a book that you’re promoting now and want to talk about?  Or some excerpts you want to share?  The secrets of success?  Or even how you go about promoting your books.  Whatever works for you.  And if there’s something you wish you had posted but didn’t – feel free to do so on Saturday.  I won’t tell Karenne if you won’t!  lol 


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