I've always enjoyed thinking about the future. I obsess at length about what's going to happen next week or next year. Sometimes, I even go nuts and consider what the next decade could bring.

And sometimes, just sometimes, I like to think about what the world will look like a century from now. Clearly, this kind of speculation isn't about what my life will be like, as I imagine I'll be long-gone. It's more about what will happen to humanity. To our society and our way of life.

It wasn't necessarily my intention to start writing futuristic romance. But it was that kind of speculation that led me to write Unacceptable Risk.

Plix spends her lonely, gritty life trying to solve the mysteries her father left behind. Armed with a variety of cybernetic enhancements and a talent for getting into places she shouldn’t be, she searches for clues to his murder—and who’s responsible for poisoning her city.

Waking up on a street corner with her brain wiring fried to a crisp, she figures she must have gotten close this time. There’s only one man she trusts to pull her back from the brink: a tuner who can retrieve the evidence hidden deep in the recesses of her mind. A man she dares not let too close to her heart.

When Edison downloads a secret SynDate schematic from Plix’s burnt-out circuitry, he knows with dreadful finality that nothing—not even the fiery kiss he’s been holding back for years—will stop her from pursuing her quest past the point of insanity.

All he can do, as he helps her plan her final mission, is ease her pain, watch her back…and hope one of them doesn’t pay with their lives.

Unacceptable Risk is set in a not-too-distant future where technology is king and powerful forces have laid waste to so much of what is green and good. It's against this backdrop that Plix and Edison forge their relationship, and the story wouldn't be the same without the futuristic elements.

But in all my musings on the future, there are some things I don't think will ever change. Chief among them is the power of love and the importance of human connection. In the end, that's what Unacceptable Risk is about: two people who need each other. Two people who are both so much stronger because of their love.

Unacceptable Risk releases this Tuesday, December 13, 2011. It's available for pre-order at the following locations:



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