Ms Newman started her life on horseback but after an accident she changed her career to working with psychiatric social services and married a man with five children. Miriam has written poetry for many years which has been repeatedly published. Although she always wanted to write a book the success of her poetry kept getting in the way. After the death of her husband Miriam ran away to Ireland and started writing. She now lives in Pennsylvania with a collection of rescue animals mainly horses.  

Ms Newman has written a thrilling tale of love and battle. This is a whole world planned and laid out. I could draw a map from the descriptions of the lands and countries. During the sea voyage to Omani I could all but smell the salt on the air. I could easily believe that this happened, that the countries and people where real. The people are strong and vibrant with secondary characters adding more credibility to the story. I do not feel that I can do justice to such a wonderfully complex world in only four paragraphs, but I can say I am now eagerly awaiting the next book in this amazing series. 

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