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Kyle set the goblet down and reached for the paper to smooth open the edges. His forehead creased with puzzled concern at the words contained within.


You gave me the strength to do what I must. Pray, forgive me, my Lord 


He shook his head, confusion giving way to a low chuckle. What had she done now? Found a poor lost lamb in the meadow in need of a flock or worse yet, some foul smelling four-legged canine in need of a home and hearth on which to warm its weary bones. Leave it to Elsbeth to take pity on the poor and weak. His keep was filled to overflowing with Elsbeth’s growing menagerie of sick or abandoned creatures, each flourishing from her tender ministrations. Her kind heart and gentle soul touched all she encountered. On more than one occasion, she had drawn him from a foul mood with a simple touch of her hand and gentle smile upon her lips. Her lilting laugh gave solace to his spirits time and again.

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