Truthfully, nothing has changed. I’ve been writing for the past 20 years, I’m just now getting published though! So, I’m used to writing and my kids are used to seeing me write. I just deal with publishers and–yuck–promo now. lol

I haven’t been recognized yet, though I suppose if and when that does happen it would go something like this:

Stranger: “Oh my gosh! Aren’t you that author?”
Me: (Looks around to see who this person is actually talking to.)
Stranger: “You’re Kelly Wallace, right? I loved your last book!”
Me: (Sputters and gasps. Face turns red, floor sways, heart is ready to plop out and onto the stranger’s shoes. A few coughs erupt.) “Yes, that’s me.”
Stranger: “Wow.”
Me: “Same here.”

I’m pretty much an introvert and recluse. Not to an extreme, but being low-key is more my style. I’ll never be a Jackie Collins with all the glitz and glamor, and that’s fine by me. Although, I have to admit it would be nice to be recognized here and there.

My boyfriend Mike is really proud of my writing success so far. He emails all of his family and friends, and calls to brag once another book is out or under contract. When my first novel, Invisible Evidence, finally hit Amazon and Target he sent the links to everyone. Oh, I’m sure his guy friends are just lining up to buy a steamy romance novel! lol My kids tell all of their friends. They come over to the house and some of them say, “Wow, you have books published? That is so cool!” It’s nice to have your loved ones brag about you!

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