I have to admit I am a sucker for a cowboy. Growing up I was a horse nut which is probably why to this day I still love going to the rodeo and spending time on my friend’s ranch, even though she tries to take all the fun out of it by putting me to work. LOL

 But I wouldn’t be me if hanging out at the rodeo didn't get the ol' plot bunnies brewing. I mean come on, can you blame me?

I admit a big part of the appeal is the whole sexy factor. All those rock hard muscles bulging, the cowboy hats, tight jeans and sexy swaggers. Yep it all works, so of course I had to write about them.

Now the rippling muscles, six packs and cowboy hats aside there’s something incredibly sexy about a guy who works with animals. The care and consideration required to do the job well is incredibly attractive. When I think about a good cowboy I picture a passionate, loyal, strength. A man who respects the land and has strong values, the kind of guy who can do what needs to be done and yet despite all that strength there’s a gentleness to him whether he likes to show it or not.   It certainly makes one heck of an appealing hero in my eyes and I tried to show that in various ways in my characters in Rode Hard.

So what about you, are you a fan of cowboys? If so what do you like about them?


My latest book Rode Hard releases this Friday March 30th from Ellora’s Cave.


Six weeks surrounded by hot, rugged cowboys doesn’t sound like hard work at all. In fact, writer Kat McCray is going to enjoy this assignment. One look at sexy ranch owner Justin Shaw and she knows exactly how she plans to spend her downtime. In his bed.


Justin works hard and has the body to prove it. And he plays even harder—him and his two best friends. He’s more than happy to help Kat explore her darkest fantasies…especially the ones that involve all four of them.


Kat’s walk on the wild side is only temporary—Arizona is a lifetime away from her real life in New York. But she can’t deny she’s starting to fall for Justin. He’s sexy as hell and sweet as sin. And their sexual experiences with his two friends are nothing short of scorching. That doesn’t change the fact she’s going home at the end of her stay. Unless she can somehow turn this fantasy into reality.


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