Hello Coffee Time Romance lovers! I’m Elizabeth SaFleur, an erotic romance author, who penned the Elite Doms of Washington series – tales of love, seduction and romance.

Admittedly, I love larger-than-life alpha heroes. They are my favorite character to write. In my two most recent books, Lovely and Untouchable, the heroes seemingly have it all. Of course, the heroines are quick to unearth their flaws. It wouldn’t be a romance without tension. But I’m strongly unapologetic about them being sigh-worthy.

Many romance authors and readers prefer men who have it all: authority, smarts, capability, wealth and, of course, the swoon-y six-pack abs and behind. These heroes are fun to read, and it’s easy to fall in love with someone who doesn’t require “handling.” If Mr. Perfect was real, he’d be one less thing to add to our growing to-do list. Rather, we’re on his to-do list to serve and protect. How nice to be a priority!

Psychologists say women, in particular, often go for dominant men for fertility motives. They also say that our preferences move beyond an evolutionary explanation; we are attracted to more aggressive partners for a variety of reasons, from seeking protection to adventure. Being the smart women that we are, we also seek kindness and generosity in those alpha men. Enter our hunt for the ideal.

Millions of readers (and I) love to spend time with those unassailable, powerful men who can command a room – and sometimes us. Since perfection in real life isn’t possible, reading about accomplished, spotless heroes can alleviate the tedium of day-to-day life. Reading about them also provides adventure and experience without having to leave our own worlds. (Read: Get hurt.)

But do all our heroes need to be perfect? Do they need to come with big bank accounts, chiseled arms and jawlines, and the skills of a Navy Seal? What about a flawed hero you might meet in real life? I’m not talking about depicting heroes with little character faults that make him human, like he leaves his dirty socks on the floor. I’m talking about offering up someone who makes a normal salary, drives a Honda, makes mistakes and wouldn’t know the first thing about how to diffuse a bomb. But he loves our heroine to the point he’d throw himself on said bomb.

I heard an editor at the RT Booklovers Convention say the younger generation of readers, the millennial generation, seek books with more real-life characters going through real-world scenarios. Does this mean our future heroes are going to be . . . gasp! . . . less than perfect? More factual? And . . . shudder . . . less dominant?

Oh, no!

Or should we sing hallelujah?

While I don’t believe the almost-perfect hero will leave our book’s pages anytime soon, times are changing. According to research, the millennial generation doesn’t always seek escape, but rather more connection with people and community. If heroes were less-than-perfect, perhaps they’d then seem more attainable? Like you could meet them at your local Starbucks.

Of course, these more-real-world heroes still would have aspects that we deem picture-perfect. But perhaps they won’t have everything we want. Maybe we’ll see a melding of the perfect and imperfect.

Future heroes might still dampen our panties on sight but they’ll drive a Prius. Perhaps he’ll be the Navy Seal who lost his leg serving our country and struggles with the aftermath. Or he’ll be the prince who lost his kingdom who doesn’t get it back.

Of course, we’re talking romance. He still has to get the girl. He always has to get the girl.

Who do you prefer to read? Someone perfect or imperfect in a beautiful way? Who is your ideal? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

XO, Elizabeth

P.S. Of course, my Elite Doms can’t help it if they’re close to perfect. They still leave dirty socks on the floor. Yet, I don’t think I could ever tear Carson Drake (Untouchable) away from his Aston Martin or change Jonathan Brond’s (Lovely) desire to do the right thing. Of course, if you threaten our heroines, they’ll drive over the enemy in their cars. Then they’d have their perfect selves, their Aston Martins and their girls. <wink>

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