What sort of wrappers are strewn about as reminders of last night?  If they’re chocolate wrappers and you spent the night reading or watching tv alone, you’re on the cusp of a new adventure.  Soon, you’ll be starring in your favorite romance.


For those of you who woke up beside someone, did you smile with contentment and squeeze your lover tight, or did you think, “OMG!  What have I done?”  If it’s the second, you’re an erotic romance heroine after chapter two.


After a passionate night, a heroine should feel thrilled, right?  Only if the sexual tension is gone and you’ve reached the happily-ever-after ending.  Romance is all about the chase, and overcoming what stands between the hero and heroine so they can be together.


If while sneaking out this morning, your sleeping beauty gave chase, he’s your hero.  Enjoy the adventure.


Those of you who woke up all happy and wanting more, fear not.  You too are a romance heroine, but one who’s achieved her happily-ever-after.  Now you get to have your cake and eat it too.


So what type of romance heroine are you today?
Later today, I’ll post an excerpt of a heroine at the beginning of her adventure.

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