Jonathan Santlofer is a huge fan of mysteries, which is why he most likely loves to compose them. Along with penning some of the best mysteries I have read, he includes sketches inside the book. Jonathan does his writing at his studio where he blends the paintings with his stories. He can sit at the keyboard and pen some suspenseful stories while using the paintings as a backdrop. Whenever he is feeling frustrated, he turns to either his writings or paintings. I find his incredible works absolutely brilliant.

This uniquely composed story enthralls and thrills the reader. I am still blown away by the drawings that make up this strong read. Jonathan Santlofer blends his gift as an author, and skills as an artist, to make The Murder Notebook a very rare read. His characters practically explode off the pages. He takes events straight out of the headlines to compose a story that almost terrifies. He does his own thorough research giving the story more depth. His drawings are indeed true-to-life. As I eyed some of the sketches, hairs stood on the back of my neck. This story is so powerful that often just a simple glance allows even the eyes to speak loudly in this highly recommended read.

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