Born and raised in Chicago, Rosina Lippi has lived many places, including the Austrian Alps and, my homestate, Michigan. After being tenured professor for twelve years, she walked away from the academic world to write full-time. She also writes under the name Sarah Donati, the author responsible for the Wilderness series. Rosina currently lives on Puget Sound with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and her daughter’s two cats.

Welcome to Lamb’s Corner! This is a terrific story containing delightful characters. I was enticed by the sweet Southern charm and hospitality. I wanted to pour myself a glass of sweet tea, pull a rocking chair onto the porch and set a spell while visiting with the people of Lamb’s Corner. Every corner of this tale is filled with love and laughter. Rosina Lippi does such a magnificent job of portraying life in this small town, you feel like you are taking a walk through Lambert Square. This book will be on my shelf for years to come, just so I may take a stroll around the square from time to time.

The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square review

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