717894.jpgI’m sure the perfect man only exists  on the big screen or between the covers of a book.  While this is good for the movie and book business, I’m wondering why men don’t wake up and smell the coffee about giving the girls what they need.  

Aussie men are notoriously hot, which makes me wonder if it’s the weather down there, because they say that about Texas men too. *winks*  Rick Springfield was my very first crush growing up, I still think he’s the hottest Australian export bar none! Hugh and Russell are wonderful, but, for some reason Keith Urban leaves me cold, he’s just a little too perfect for me.  But, because of my eternal obsession stalker fandom love for Rick, I’m just thrilled that your new book has an Aussie hunk in it! 

Now, for my first batch of probing questions: 

Do you find yourself writing about jobs you’ve held or places you’ve been?  

Does your family or coworkers (if you still have a day job) know you write? If so what do they think? If not, are you going to tell them?  Can you see yourself writing romance 5, 10, or even 20 years down the line?  Is there a genre you’d like to write in that you haven’t tried yet?

Until next time!


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