I know there should be an explanation for everything.  Like we have coffee so I don’t bitch at my husband for the rest of the day (oh, and there’s the staying awake thing).  We have chocolate for pretty much the same reason, only not on a daily basis perhaps for some of us.  Though I do love my chocolate and must have it at least for one week out of every month.  Yes – it’s a necessity.

Air, to breathe.  Water to wash and drink.  Perhaps there is even a reason for hunky men.  *sigh*.  Yes, I could go on about that one, but on another blog.  This time I want to discuss BUGS.  Where do they come from?  Why do they torture me so?  I mean, I can see having bumble bees – I watched The Bee Movie and loved it.  I love my flowers and know I couldn’t have them without bees.  Oh, and worms.  Yes, they’re slimy and icky, but they help the soil breathe and I can have my nice flowers again.  I understand spiders – I don’t actually mind them because they are hanging around waiting to catch something icky.  I used to tell my kids that they can’t kill the spiders because they eat all the bad bugs.  My son got it, but my daughter is still not convinced.  Try this: walk up to a spider web and yell as loud as you can – and watch the spider’s legs pop out with fear.  *giggles*.  Yes, I’m bad.  But it makes them more tolerable.

But MOSQUITOS!!!!!!!!!!!!  What is the use in them?  I try to go visit family near a river, or sitting water somewhere and out pops the mosquitos.  I hear in Canada places are infested with them and they’re sucking blood from anyone they see.  How do we know they don’t spread disease?  Can we really be sure?  And house flies?  Fruit flies?  What the hell are they doing in my space???????????  I wish someone could tell me what they and dead beat dads have to do with this world.  They should all be taken out, sprayed with poison, and sent back to where they came from.

Have a great one!

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