Good morning from icy cold Northern Michigan where we have three seasons: Fall (1 Month), Winter (7 Months), and Mosquitos (4 Months). Today we are talking about our favorite GLBT books. My first pick was an easy one for me. It was the first GLBT that I reviewed and I was a little nervous, but once I stepped into the author’s world, I forgot my nervousness and just held on for the ride of my life.

Let me tell you a little bit about the author, Zathyn Priest: (Courtesy of ) Zathyn Priest is an Australian contemporary and M/M fiction novelist. He also works as a manuscript appraiser for Zacton Press. Zathyn’s novels, The Curtis Reincarnation and The Slayer’s Apprentice, are both available now.  His third novel, Liquid Glass, is currently running in A Turn of the Screw. All titles available through Torquere Press. When not writing fiction Zathyn works with two volunteer support groups dealing with suicide loss and bereavement. He also writes for the group’s newsletters and mental health related articles. Zathyn has recently been approached to write a non-fiction book on behalf of one parent bereaved through the suicide loss of their son .

My thoughts on The Slayer’s Apprentice: The Slayer’s Apprentice is a novel that has left me speechless; Mr. Priest has written an exquisite novel with so many elements and emotions that will just squeeze your heart tight. The suspense alone had me walking away, afraid one moment to read more and at the same time aching to turn the page. The sensual attraction between Daniel and Phoenix is so amazing and heartfelt; it left me breathless with so much emotion. When Daniel was portrayed as the only person willing to believe Phoenix, it made me angry at everyone else, made me want to reach into the novel and strangle that darn Detective Somerset myself and berate him for being an incompetent fool. With the brilliant portrayal of Phoenix’s multiple characteristics and the way Daniel dealt with them all, this is a story that has you guessing until the very end and will definitely keep you on your toes. Unquestionably, it is a must read tale for anyone!

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